Vivian White is the Director of Free Choice Learning at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, a nonprofit institution connecting professionals, amateurs, and educators for over 130 years. There she has worked with teachers through Project ASTRO, and informal audiences from museum educators to librarians. She administers the NASA Night Sky Network, a collaborative program of outreach with over 450 astronomy clubs across the US. She is passionate about making astronomy both accessible and equitable. She is a Co-I on Reaching for the Stars, a collaboration between Girl Scouts and NASA to increase the representation of girls and women in the STEM pipeline. Her work takes her around the world from Buddhist nunneries in the Himalayas to the world’s largest telescopes in Chile. Her work with remote telescopes dates back to 2007 when she and Carl Pennypacker organized a Remote Telescope Conference in Chicago focused on educational applications. Her work continues into the present with Slooh’s integration of user-friendly remote telescopes into the education market through a new NSF grant. 

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