Useful Links

Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO): Link

Skynet: Link

MicroObservatory: Link

LCO Global Sky Partners program, contact: egomez@lco.global). Aimed at a diverse plethora of projects. Typically K-12 globally, undergraduate outside the developed world (although you are welcome to ask!)

LCO Sky Clubs, contact: egomez@lco.global). Aimed at astronomy clubs in schools.

Skynet’s Our Place in Space, contact dan.reichart@gmail.com). Aimed at astro101 with robotic observing.

Skynet’s Multiwavelength Universe (Currently under development, contact dan.reichart@gmail.com). Aimed at astro102 with robotic observing.

MicroObservatory, YouthAstroNet, DIY Planet Search, contact mdussault@cfa.harvard.edu). Particularly focused on middle-school age youth.

Exoplanet Watch. Citizen Science for exoplanet transit timings. US-based.

ExoClock. Citizen Science for exoplanet transit timings. Europe-based.

Our Solar Siblings Moodle Course on RR Lyrae. Anybody, but particularly high school students, contact: mfitzasp@gmail.com

Exoplanet Course for School. contact: saeed@oursolarsiblings.com

Institute for Student Astronomical Research (InSTaR), contact: r.freed2010@gmail.com. Particularly double stars in high school and undergraduate

BRIEF, contact: pat@boyce-astro.org. Particularly double stars, exoplanets, high school and undergraduate.

Luisa Rebull’s resource links:

RTSRE Conference

RTSRE Proceedings and ATOM

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