Olivier Guyon
Olivier Guyon

Wednesday 22nd June, 2022

Talks & Workshops

Workshop – Research Opportunities with the PANOPTES observatory network

  14:15 - 15:15

Project PANOPTES (Panoptic Astronomical Networked Observatories for a Public Transiting Exoplanets Survey) uses a network of small robotic wide field imaging cameras to map the night sky. While its primary goal is the detection of transiting exoplanets, a number of other sources can be observed with unprecedented cadence and coverage, such as variable stars, asteroids, and comets. PANOPTES images cover a 15×10 degree each, with 10 arcsec resolution. Multiple units are in operation, including the 16-camera cluster of units at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii.

This hands-on workshop will describe PANOPTES data, how it can be accessed and analyzed, working from short examples. All PANOPTES data is publicly accessible from a web-based front end, the data explorer. Online tutorial and data analysis are provided as a starting point for students, educators and citizen scientists. Research project ideas will be presented and discussed interactively with the workshop participants, with a focus towards collaborative projects among students.

Workshop participants can propose pilot observations ahead of the workshop, and the corresponding data will be inspected and processed during the workshop. Please use this form to propose targets

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