Gerri Bernard
Gerri Bernard

Thursday 23rd June, 2022

Talks & Workshops

Gerri Bernard – From Clubs to the Classroom: Integrating Observational Astronomy into the Science Curriculum

  11:15 - 11:30

In high school settings, observational astronomy is often relegated to after school clubs and extension programs for highly motivated and interested students. In an effort to bring the awe and wonder of gorgeous astrophotography to all of our students, Brisbane Girls Grammar School has integrated observatory work into our Junior Science curriculum. This presentation will explain how we use a series of ‘Observatory Modules’ in Years 7-9 to teach our students about the universe, telescopes, light, colour, CCD imaging, and image processing as we help them to generate more than 300 astrophotography images every year. The talk will also include an introduction to our school’s remote and robotic telescope facility (the Dorothy Hill Observatory), an outline of struggles that we’ve encountered along the way, and a plan for future outreach and development of our observatory program.

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