Darcy Wenn, Oscar Geerts, Derrick Liu
Darcy Wenn, Oscar Geerts, Derrick Liu

Wednesday 22nd June, 2022

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Confirmation of an Ultra-Short Period Hot Jupiter with a Near Grazing Transit (TOI-2341.01)


This paper reports on ground-based observations of the candidate exoplanet TOI-2341.01, initially observed by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). The analysis of data provides evidence that TOI-2341.01 is a Jupiter-sized gas giant with a radius of 79475km ± 4013km (RJup 1.112 ± RJup 0.056), orbiting the host star TOI-2341 at a distance of 0.0118 AU ± 0.00039 AU with a transit duration of 0.045 days ± 0.005 days (1.086 ± 0.125 hours or 65.154 minutes ± 7.505 minutes). TOI-2341.01 has an orbital period of 0.87764 days ± 0.000008 days (21.0634 hours ± 0.0001851 hours) and has a mid-transit time of 2459396.819 ± .001 BJD_TDB. It was noted during the investigation that the shallow, V-shaped extended nature of TOI-2341.01’s dip is likely the result of a near grazing transit.

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