Alex Rosset
Alex Rosset

Wednesday 22nd June, 2022

Talks & Workshops

A Tool for Period-Luminosity-Metallicity-Extinction Analysis of RR Lyrae Variables


RR Lyrae variable stars are historically important cosmic distance indicators which can be used to independently confirm distances derived from Gaia parallax measurements. Theoretical multiband period-luminosity-metallicity (PLM) relationships for RR Lyrae variables have recently been published, which should be verified by comparison to large empirical data sets that can be collected most efficiently using robotic telescopes. To streamline this processing, we’ve developed a Python program capable of quickly determining pulsation periods and estimating photometric metallicity from Fourier light curve parameters. We are also able to produce multiband phased light curves, calculate average band magnitudes, and estimate extinction via the multiband PLM relationships. Finally phased luminosity, temperature, and radius plots are built to further verify the accuracy of our results. We discuss initial findings from a study involving dozens of RRab Lyrae variables observed with Skynet robotic telescope network.

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