Rina Rast
Rina Rast

Wednesday 22nd June, 2022

Talks & Workshops

A follow-up study of 485 bright RR Lyrae variables


We examine the designations of all G < 12.5 stars classified as RR Lyrae variables in the WISE catalog of periodic variable stars. A three-pronged approach was used, involving literature review, publicly available photometric data, and ground-based follow-up observations for recently discovered objects whose classification remained inconclusive. More than 80 targets were selected for follow-up observations in g’ and r’ using Skynet robotic telescopes. We find a misclassification rate of at least 42% for all targets, including a 94% misclassification rate when previously known variables are excluded and only novel discoveries in the catalog are considered. The published misclassification rate was estimated at 5% for all short-period (P<10 d) variables in the catalog.

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